A Satisfyed Beginning- A Black and White Formal Affair

Jumping In With Both Feet

I had recently contacted Satisyer to see if they would be interested in toy reviews from a blogger in the U.S. as they are based in Germany (they do have a website to ship in the U.S. so no need to worry about any shipping issues). I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised when they notified me that a box of goodies was on the way. I was like a kid in a candy store when I opened the box! There was a mix of vibrators and pulsators and a very interesting couples toy enclosed. I was so overwhelmed with the options that I wasn’t sure where to start.

Packaging and Shipping Oh My!

I’ve never owned a toy that pulses instead of vibrates, so that is what I chose to begin. For my first review I picked out the Satisfyer Pro Penguin: Next Generation. The box was fairly compact and held shut with a tamper-proof (me-proof) hygienic seal. The penguin was held snuggly in a plastic casing with the charger resting in it’s own cut-out so as not to rattle around in the box. This is a great for shipping purposes as it remains discreet for those that may get embarrassed getting toys in the mail.

Penguin Stats

Holding this delightful creature in my hand was quite fun. It fit nicely in the palm of my hand and was soft and smooth to the touch. The penguin is fully encased in silicone and ABS for an easy clean. The removable silicone tie was a cute edition though it served no function. The white belly displayed two function buttons. Running my fingers over each one I was able to distinguish one button with two waves and another with four waves. The four-wave button when pressed for about 2 seconds turned this little firecracker on to the lowest massage setting. The buttons blended in a little too well as the wave lines are hard to see but easy to find with touch.

As this toy uses air pulse technology there is only one type of vibration. However, it does have 11 intensities for maximum pleasure. The toy has a rechargeable lithion battery which allows for wireless use. The bottom of the penguin has two magnetic contact points which have to be aligned to the magnetic contact points of the USB charger in order to achieve a full charge. I really like this charging method as it makes charging other toys from Satisfyer universal. It is noted that a full charge can take up to 8 hours, but I found after 2 hours this little guy was ready for his first run.

The Pulsing Pleasure

Not able to contain my excitement I slid off my bottoms and laid down on the bed in a comfortable position. I did have to spread my labia in order to place the oval-shaped head over my clit. This was a little more challenging than I expected as I’m so used to my vibrators and wand. I found the 4-wave button and pressed it until a light hum surrounded my clit. I did not use lubrication for the first attempt as I like to get a feel for the toy without the risk of it slipping and sliding all over the place. The gentle buzz felt like a massage without the touch. It was thrilling but I was not going to get anywhere with the lowest setting. So I pressed the 4-wave button twice more and the vibrations increased drastically. I was only on the third setting but I could feel my orgasm already building. I tried my best to hold the toy in place which is a little difficult when the pulsing sensations make your legs jump. Readjusting slightly higher over my clit pushed me over the edge and my first of many powerful orgasms was achieved.

Round 2.. The Next Day

I wanted to have another delightful self-fulfilling date with my little gentleman in black and white so I chose to use lubrication* this time. He doesn’t have a very large mouth so not much lube was necessary. Once the right spot was honed in on he performed exceedingly well. I wanted to see what kind of power he could exert so I turned the intensity up to 7. Holy moly was I in for a treat, the famous phrase “wham bam thank you ma’am” was most fitting. From placement to time of orgasm was less than 5 minutes. For those individuals that receive the most pleasure from clitoral stimulation this toy may be small but he packs a powerful punch.

Slip and Slide- Underwater pulses

Many of the toys Satisfyer creates are waterproof! In case you are unaware of this marvelous little feature please try out your toy in the shower or tub, I promise you will not regret it. My formal-attired date joined me for a splash in the tub. I gave him a whirl underwater and started off our evening on setting number 3. Surpringly the water conducts the pulses and intensifies them without having to touch the wave buttons. I was brought to the edge quite rapidly as the water served as lubrication and conductor. Just to see how the stronger pulses would feel I turned it up to 8 and I’m pretty sure I flew above the water! The intensity was so strong that I’m not sure I fully caught my breath before I was having another orgasm. It was a fabulous bath event and I would highly recommend playing with this cheeky little guy in any form of water. 

This was a very fun first run of the numerous toys sent to me. As far as this toy goes I would give Satisfyer a 5 out of 5 star rating for functionality, a 4 out of 5 star rating for ease of use- the buttons are hard to visually distinguish, and a 5 out of 5 star rating for durability. The battery life has held up amazingly well. I’ve only charged it once and I’ve been able to achieve several testings on different intensities. I’ve put well over an hour testing time on this guy and he is still going strong. 

If you are interested in a kinky formal event I would recommend giving this cute little toy a shot. It is priced at $49.95 USD/ £44.95 UK/ 44.95€  which is sensible for the power of this toy. 

*Note: with most silicone toys a water-based lube is recommended, other lubes may damage the toy. Satisfyer offers a cleaner as well as lubrication that suits all of their products needs.

**This review is based on product information provided and my opinion of the product. I received the Pro Penguin free of charge in exchange for a review. I have not received any monetary compensation for this review, and I do not receive any commission should you decide to purchase this toy via the links provided.

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