Satisfyer Vibes- The Magic Bunny

The Magic Bunny’s Box

Like most of Satisfyer’s products this vibrant vibe- The Magic Bunny– was packaged in a hygenically-sealed box. It was nestled in a form fitting plastic cut-out designed to hold the product in place. It came with a charging cable and the safety manual as well as a quick-start leaflet.

The Bunny Specs

This fun little vibrator is made with ABS and Silicone. The silicone is silky to touch and feels very smooth against the delicate areas of the female body. The handle is smooth and sturdy and is circular in shape to allow for many different hand placements. There are two charging points on the handle as well which connect magnetically to the charger. I did find the best placement for this bunny to charge was in the plastic casing but turned upright. The magnets are quite strong, However, without something holding the bunny in place the charger would not maintain full contact, which is required for a proper charge. The charge could range from 3-5 hours and the three red lights illuminated the buttons during charging. The lights flash during the charge and become a solid red when fully charged.

Pushing The Magic Buttons

There are three buttons slightly depressed on this magical creature, which were perfect for finding the right button to push once the bunny is in place. The middle button when pressed for 2 seconds turns the vibrator onto the first setting. This hopping good vibrator comes with 12 modes consisting of 6 vibration types and 6 intensities. The button with 5 rings allows the vibration to be changed/increased, while the button with 3 rings allows you to move back/decrease to a previous vibration or intensity. Each button is easy to press and differentiate when sight is not available.

A Hopping Good Time

As with any vibrator the magic performed is based on preference. Once I placed the vibrator into position- snuggly against my g-spot, I turned it on I was delighted in the initial intensity of the vibration. This was felt through the main shaft as well as the bunny head that nestles against the clit. The first three settings are a constant vibe which increase in intensity, I settled on the second vibration as I could not handle to third vibration and the first was not quite strong enough. For the first round of testing I decided to leave it on a constant vibration. I tried to reposition a few times as the vibes felt great but it just wasn’t hitting the right spots in order to achieve orgasm. I pulled it out a bit in order to press the head against my clit but the vibration against my g-spot felt off. I moved it a little to the side and had a bit better success but the orgasm that followed was not my usual intensity. I chalked this up to new toy and new experience.

Like many of the toys from Satisfyer this bouncing bunny is waterproof. So i decided to go for the standing approach in the shower. I tried a different vibration and held the vibrator firmly in place. I still had to do a bit of readjusting in order to have the motors work for my g-spot and clit at the same time, I added a bit more lubrication as well since the water tends to wash quite a bit away. This did help in the intensity of my orgasm and it didn’t take quite as long as the first time.

I decided to give this bunny one more time to prove it’s magic. The final test I enlisted some help from my significant other. He lubed the toy and put it into place and turned it on. He turned the vibration to one with a long vabration and several short as he knows what makes my orgasm build. Even with the additonal assistance I just couldn’t find the magic. This toy is still an exceptional quality and is compact compared to other vibrators. It just wasn’t the right toy for me.

If you are looking for a little enchantment this Magic Bunny will hop into your life for $49.95 USD/ £44.95 UK/ 44.95€

*This review is based on product information provided and my opinion of the product. I received the Magic Bunny free of charge in exchange for a review. I have not received any monetary compensation for this review, and I do not receive any commission should you decide to purchase this toy via the links provided.

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3 thoughts on “Satisfyer Vibes- The Magic Bunny

    1. It is cute and compact. I love the loop handle as well, it makes it very easy to maneuver. Thank you for reading Jupiter, I look foward to your thoughts on this one as well!

  1. I’m sorry to hear this one wasn’t the right fit for you, but that happens. Overall I love Satisfyer toys, but some just don’t hit the right spot.

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