Poe-rotica by Jupiter Grant

When it comes to poetry there are many books, anthologies, and websites to peruse. It has taken me some time to get back into reading poetry. Being a writer makes me a little more critical of what I want to read, what I like and what makes me feel something- good or bad.

Poetry in Erotica

Jupiter Grant burst into the scene this past year with her sensual and vivacious poetry. You can find her on her blog at https://jupiterslair.com or on Twitter @GrantJupiter. She writes what she feels in the moment and it often evokes similar feelings. I picked up her book Poe-rotica”: 101 Saucy and Erotic Poems on Kindle and I find myself going back and re-reading several poems. In her introduction she mentioned her love for Pam Ayres and many of Jupiter’s poems have a similar tone and feel. Jupiter includes haiku, essence, alouette, and free-form poetry within her novel. This may seem like an eclectic mix but each poem truly belongs in this collection. She writes her poetry much like many of us in the kink community have sex- freely and full of passion.

Snippets of Lust

One of the poems I bookmarked was “Soft Focus”, being pulled into the movie scene and essentially feeling the soft caresses made me warm and feeling desired:

In soft focus, like a dream/Like in a movie scene/You appeared, and fell into my arms./Perfect picture, you and I,/Wrapped together, side by side./Forever-more I will be ensnared by your charms.

I like to feel a build when reading any form of romance or erotica so skipping ahead to “Anatomy of a Brief Reunion” continued this warmth:

fingers in my hair, whispered words breathed in my ear: “been thinking of you.”

…mouth upon my thigh. I hold your head in my hands; my heart is in yours

The gentleness she eludes to in these poems leads me to the next poem “Lost in Your Head”. The ebb and flow of water compares to love-making and the build to orgasm whilst getting lost in the sensations:

pulling me down, deep beneath the water, then throws me back up to the surface, where I try to catch my breath. I am tossed and turned on the current, and sucked into a perfect abyss.

The sensations continue to build and become a little rougher, like being swept away in river rapids, in her next poem “Raw”:

I want to smack your bottom, red and raw,To feel your flesh quiver and ripple. I want you to suffer, then suffer some more,

A Rave Review

From movie theaters to rivers as well as being compared to a delightfully hot cup of espresso, Jupiter awakens all of the senses. Her words ensnare you in her tangled web of love, lust and burning passion. She also includes images to accompany her poems which complete the sensual circle. This novel is a fun and quirky read, it is well worth the time spent devouring her words. Her book is available through Amazon as paperback or kindle version and is available in the US and UK.

*I purchased this product for my personal use. There are no affiliate links in this post and I have not received any commission for review of this product.

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