Vibease Jewel Collection: Emerald Review

I was sent this cute little vibrator from Vibease. However, with the sudden changes in many of our lives my time to test it flew right out of the window. So without further ado, I give you my thoughts on Emerald.

Properly Packaged Pleasure

Safety is always first and foremost when it comes to testing a new toy. I was quite pleased to receive the Vibease Jewel Collection: Emerald in a solid box, completely sealed in a plastic wrap. The Emerald was secured in a compartment designed to hold it in place. The usb charging cable and user manual were tucked safely behind it. The font on the package is easy to read and the multiple colors on the box panels draws you in, wanting to read more about this adorable vibrator.

The Enticing Emerald

Each vibrator in this collection has a unique skill set. The Emerald was designed for clitoral stimulation with vibrating rabbit ears delivering intense sensations. The base is a bulb shape which makes it very easy to hold. It is made with 100% body safe silicone material that is nonporous and is hypoallergenic. When used with lubrication this toy feels as soft as silk against skin. The Emerald is also water resistant so a play session in the shower is a splashing good time. (It is not waterproof so full submersion under water will damage the toy.) The initial charge can take up to 3 hours and any subsequent charging is 2 hours.

Charging Time

The charging cable is usb so it can be plugged into a power adapter or a computer to charge. I was pleasantly surprised when I plugged the Emerald in to charge, there is a clear ring around the base which lit and blinked white. Once completely charged the light remains solid. This is a great way to keep track of charging time. I went back to working and checked on it a few hours later, to my delight it was fully charged.

Testing Time!

With a house full of people I have to sneak away to get a little “me” time. Pressing (don’t hold) the power button the base lights up with multiple colors. I have never owned a toy that gives me a light show! I love how quiet this toy is just holding it. There are many toys on the market that say they are quiet, yet you can hear the buzz two rooms away.

Very intrigued I laid back and let the rabbit ears do the walking. The first test is usually without lube as I like to see how the toy performs without assistance. I was not disappointed in any way. The Emerald has a super soft feel from the ears to the base which makes it very comfortable to hold. There is some vibration through the base but that cannot be avoided as it is on the smaller side. I loved the variety of angles I could use for stimulation.

The second round of testing was water-based aka in the shower. I love playing in the shower as it makes for easy clean up, plus lubrication. Standing in the shower did require me to change the positioning of the ears. There is too much space between the ears when they are placed on each side of my clitoris. So I turned it so that one prong was above and the other hit directly below my clit and it dinged all of my bells.

I performed the third test with a water-based lube and used one of the pulsing vibrations. I don’t normally like the pulses as it takes me a lot longer to get a release. However, with the position of the ears and the silky smoothness with lube, I had no problem reaching climax.

Clean-up and Conclusion

Clean-up for this little bundle of fun is quite simple. A little soap and warm water is all it takes to clean it up. I use a microfiber cloth to pat it dry as the cloth doesn’t shed and stick to the silicone. Overall I am enthralled with this vibrator, it now has a permanent home in my toy collection. It’s size is perfect when you want to be inconspicuous. The vibrations are so quiet that my dog even left me alone, and the intensity is strong enough to make a “quickie” possible again.

If you would like to purchase the Emerald from Vibease please click here.

*Note: with most silicone toys a water-based lube is recommended, other lubes may damage the toy. Vibease offers a lubricant that suits all of their product’s needs. (Available in US only)

**This review is based on product information provided and my opinion of the product. I received the Vibease Jewel Collection: Emerald free of charge in exchange for a review. I have not received any monetary compensation for this review, and I do not receive any commission should you decide to purchase this toy via the links provided.

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