Vibease Jewel Collection: Ruby Review

Vibease sent me another little bundle of joy with it’s companion the Emerald. I was a little skeptical as I wondered how a toy that looks like a flower would work. Read on below for my experience with Vibease Jewel Collection: Ruby.

Rave Review for Packaging

Vibease doesn’t disappoint when it comes to packaging their products. While some companies rely on a hygienic seal, Vibease wraps the box completely in a plastic wrap. This makes the box tamper proof as well completely sealed. The box is similar to that of the Emerald with a clean black look and their pink and green writing detailing what’s inside. Included is the Ruby, a charging cable and an instruction booklet on how to care for the toy.

What the Spec(ifications)?!

The Ruby was named after the aphrodisiac stone that is known for vitality, sensuality, and sexual energy. The toy is contoured for teasing and enticing yourself or a partner. It is slim and easy to hold as the tips hug your clitoris. The soft silicone feels decadent against your sensitive parts and is water resistant for more fun in many locations. It is recommended that the Ruby is not fully submerged in water as it can damage the toy.

For the first charge the Ruby can take up to 3 hours, for subsequent charging it will be fully charged in 2 hours. The battery is lithium-polymer and lasts for many sessions. I lost count how many times I was able to use the toy before having to charge it.

Light Up My Life

Like it’s companion the Emerald, the Ruby also lights up at it’s base. The white light flashes during charging and remains solid white once fully charged. The Ruby has 7 modes of vibration and the light flashes to each pattern. The power button blends in with the textured pattern and should be held for 3 seconds to turn it off.


Taunt and Tease Me

As this is a teasing toy I didn’t expect to feel the same powerful vibrations of the Emerald. Several of the Ruby’s vibrations were stronger, but they did not send me screaming over the edge. Honestly, I loved that this toy had a softer side. It was perfect for edging and driving myself crazy with need. It felt like my partner’s skin as it danced around my clit and made me squirm just as well.

I used the Ruby on many different occasions and at different times of the day. The sensual buzzing and delicate feel made me feel spoiled and warm each time. The only downside was the power button blending in too well. It is the same button for changing the vibration pattern as well, which makes it challenging in low-light.

Tease and Please Him

Since the Ruby was great at teasing me, I thought I would give her a run on my partner. The results were just as pleasing for him. He liked how soft the tips were and enjoyed the tickle they elicited. I placed the toy on the tip of his penis which made him laugh as the tickling was not very sensual. When I placed it on his scrotum he seemed to enjoy the sensations a lot more. Teasing him with this toy was quite fun for me as many products are marketed for use on females, but are versatile for everyone regardless of gender.

Clean-up and Conclusion

Clean-up for the Ruby is very simple. A little soap and warm water is all it takes to clean it up. I use a microfiber cloth to pat it dry as the cloth doesn’t shed and stick to the silicone. Overall I am satisfied with this teasing toy. It’s size is perfect when you want to be inconspicuous. The vibrations are quiet and the intensity is just enough to make you want more.

If you would like to purchase the Ruby from Vibease please click here.

*Note: with most silicone toys a water-based lube is recommended, other lubes may damage the toy. Vibease offers a lubricant that suits all of their product’s needs. (Available in the US only)

**This review is based on product information provided and my opinion of the product. I received the Vibease Jewel Collection: Ruby free of charge in exchange for a review. I have not received any monetary compensation for this review, and I do not receive any commission should you decide to purchase this toy via the links provided.

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