The Butters Hygienics- Tres Butters™ Exfoliating Daily Body Cleanser Bar

Looking for an awesome small business to support?

Well look no further! The Butters Hygienics has many products to meet your daily needs and I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing a few of them. The latest product up for review is something everyone can benefit from-

Tres Butters™ Exfoliating Daily Body Cleanser Bar

Unwrapping this little bar was quite the surprise, a solid bar of black soap that smells amazing! I shouldn’t be so surprised as I have loved all of The Butters products thus far, but I was very excited to try this one. So what makes this bar of soap so different than the rest on the market?

The Ingredients, Of Course!

I love how transparent the ingredients are with this company. The sweet smell of the soap comes from the Lemongrass Oil and the three butters- Shea, Mango and Cocoa. You also get a whiff of coconut from the coconut oil and coconut charcoal, which gives this lovely bar it’s black appearance. The exfoliating products are ground pumice and luffa. There are a few chemical ingredients to hold this wild concoction together- sorbital, propylene glycol, and stearic acid. The Butters work their magic mashing all these ingredients together and I will say you won’t be disappointed. Side note: There is a warning on the label if you have any allergies to Mango or Cocoa, which I’m very grateful for as my son has an allergy to Mango.

Does This Crazy Bar Work?

My first foray with this bar in the shower was interesting to say the least. The bar lathers nicely and leaves a trail of charcoal streaks when rubbed against the skin. The exfoliating effect is almost immediate, the pumice and luffa do a nice job sloughing off any dead skin. I’m usually leary of exfoliates as my skin is sensitive, but I’m pleased to say this soap did not irritate.

Something I never realized was how much build-up other bars of soap leave on your skin. Even when using other exfoliating products the effects are not long-lasting. This bar didn’t leave after shower residue which many soaps- bar and body wash leave behind. I used this bar several days in a row as well and didn’t suffer any irritation which is a huge win in my book. The more I used the bar the more exfoliate was exposed so I backed off on the daily use and used it every other day. The days I used the Tres Butters bar made me feel squeaky clean without stripping my skin of it’s natural oils.

What About All Those Butters?

Like I mentioned above, in the Tres Butters bar Shea, Mango, and Cocoa are the moisturizers. When I use store bought body wash I have to lather myself in lotion to retain any moisture in my skin after my shower. I didn’t have to add any lotion afterwards with this delightful little bar. I didn’t suffer the end of day itch either. I realize people don’t talk about the itching unless it is apparent right after the shower. For me, by the end of the day my skin feels dry and tight when it is lacking in moisture throughout the day. When I used this bar I noticed I didn’t feel the compulsion to scratch, which means no dryness!

There is only one negative to this product and it might not be something you have thought of… until you use the bar for a few days. As the bar is lathered and then rinsed down the drain the charcoal leaves a little color behind. I had to lightly scrub my bathtub and the charcoal was washed away, no harm no foul. The benefits of the bar definitely outweighs this minor inconvenience.

The Final Rub

I am happy to recommend The Butters Hygienics to anyone who is looking for products that are handcrafted, vegan and great quality. The price of their products are very affordable as the Tres Butters™ bar is $2.00 for a sample size. Grab your bar while supplies last by clicking any of the links above.

**This review is based on product information provided and my opinion of the product. I received the Tres Butters™ Exfoliating Daily Body Cleanser Bar free of charge in exchange for a review. I have not received any monetary compensation for this review, and I do not receive any commission should you decide to purchase this product via the links provided.

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